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Ceremony & Reception vs. Destination Elopement

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Now more than ever, couples are considering eloping somewhere rather than having the "big wedding". Either way you choose, there is no right or wrong answer. Here we will touch base on the pros and cons of each one, to help you make the best decision for you both - long term.

Ceremony and Reception/Pros

Having a ceremony where your family and friends watch you two lock eyes and fall in love all over again, is an absolute dream. This is a moment you will never forget.

Getting to share your vows and commitments to one another, in front of those you love means the world to not only you both, but every single person witnessing.

Celebrating with all those you hold dear without compromise is something you will cherish for a life time. Without setting limits on who can be in attendance you and your future spouse are free to enjoy the day without added stress or sadness of who is and is not there.

The day will already go by so fast, you might as well make the most of the experience and have all the bells and whistles. Pick out your favorite vendors, hone in on what you deem is important, and run wild with planning. Think a lounge space, and videographer, lavish florals, and ice cream truck as a late night snack - you name it, the sky is the limit.

Your love being the center of attention that day is a true showcase of what you deserve for fostering a love to prepare for marriage - you EARNED and DESERVE to have all the elements that make a "traditional wedding."

Ceremony and Reception/Cons

The pressure of a traditional wedding can be too much for some people, and overwhelm them to think about all the moving parts it takes to pull together a full wedding.

Costs can be high when having a ceremony and full reception. From venues, vendors, catering, and more - the bill starts adding up quickly.

Family can be tricky and we all have those family members we do not spend as much time with, that we would feel obligated to invite if having a traditional wedding. Not to mention having to manage certain personalities on the day of the event - we all know who I'm talking about.

As you spend money on creating the day of your dreams, that leaves less money for your new life together, a dream honeymoon, or savings for future little ones.


So you just got engaged and want to marry the love of your life, so why wait? Planning to elope, whether it involves traveling to a destination or not, is less involved than planning for a traditional wedding. Especially when it comes to managing a headcount, rentals, and a larger budget.

Speaking of travel...there is a LONG list of gorgeous places to say "I do" next to the one you love. This gives you an excuse to travel somewhere you've both been dying to go, or extend that honeymoon destination on the front end.

Eloping is intimate, special, and centered on just you and your fiancé. Without all the fuss, and commotion - the two of you can spend far more quality time soaking up the bliss of being newlyweds.

Having an experience such as a destination elopement allows you the opportunity to share somewhere you love, with the people you love. Whether it's your favorite vacation destination, or a dream you and your family have had. You can spend that tailored experience with the ones you hold near and dear,

Maybe the next item on your list is of things to do as Husband & Wife, Wife & Wife, or Husband & Husband is something that is more obtainable if you forgo the "ideal" wedding everyone thinks you should have. Maybe that goal is buying a home, starting a business, adopting a child, starting IVF, or relocating - whatever matters most to you as a couple, focus on and highlight that.


As mentioned, just as the traditional ceremony and reception are not for everyone, eloping may not be for you either - and that's okay! Being away from all your friends and extended family may not be something that makes sense for you as a couple.

Coordinating vendors for the things you may still need such as (small scale) catering and photography can be more challenging. Especially if you are eloping somewhere that you do not have connections, or can not easily travel to in order to meet with potential vendors.

Typically with an elopement you forego all the pre-wedding festivities such as the Bachelor/Bachelorette parties, showers, and wedding registries. If these things matter to you and your future spouse than this may not be the direction you choose to go in.

If you are doing a traditional elopement without vendors of any kind, you will lose out on items such as photographs and videos of your big day. Most likely you will not utilize beauty services, or design a wedding cake - and who doesn't want to feel beautiful while eating their favorite sweet treat on their wedding day.

Now what?

So you take all this information in, discuss the options with your spouse, and any loved ones...and then make the decision that you know you won't regret. Do not give in to pressures, or unrealistic ideals. At the end of the day, the whole point is the union of you, and your partner. However that looks, is entirely up to the two of you, and will be absolutely perfect either way. If questions, concerns, or comments still come to mind or you want to bounce some ideas off a pro - please do not hesitate to reach out.

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