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Events 101

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Hello everyone, I'm Holly Sunafrank. Owner and Planner at Holly Nicole Planning, LLC. I think it is safe to say that event planning is not for everyone. However, here are a few tips and tricks to help your day run as smoothly as possible.

Build a vendor team you can trust.

As often as I possibly can, I use my preferred vendors. Not only does this make my day easier, it allows me to have complete confidence on the day of an event for the things I am not specialized in (i.e. Catering). When I know that I do not have to micromanage a vendor, I can focus on the things that truly need my attention, and provide a far better experience to my client.

Set a realistic budget.

As one of the most difficult parts of event planning, I will tell you that budgets come in all shapes and sizes, there is no "one size fits all". You do not want to set a budget so low that you cannot afford reputable vendors. On the flip side, you do not want to be so overwhelmed with the cost of your event that you cannot enjoy the experience. Do your research, however that looks for you. Whether it's a storm of Google searches, or a few phone calls to planners in your region to get an idea - at least you'll have somewhere to start.

Craft a timeline that makes sense.

One of the most enjoyable parts of planning for me is the timeline. As an OCD, Type A personality - lists, and schedules are my love language. I start with a base timeline that I customize - once I know what items in a day may be getting added in, or taken out due to preference of a client. Next, I pay close attention to my vendors - some I know will take longer in certain areas of the day than others, I give them that extra time in the day, and then reign them in when I need to. Once I have those details down, I send that timeline out to all the vendors on the team so we can collaborate, and build a hybrid timeline based on our own visions. This is the most helpful tool in the planning process, because WE ARE ALL ON THE SAME TIME CLOCK. We know what to expect from each other, and we know when/where we are needed.

Still have questions or want to know more?

I am more than happy to set up a consult, free of charge. If you are another vendor and you'd love to get connected - let's do it! Are you a friend or family member wanting a specific couple, or client to look into a planner, let me know and I will reach out to them. Bottom line - I love what I do, but I'm not for everyone. Which is okay! It brings me more joy to have a small amount of couples or clients who truly value my expertise and opinion, rather than an extensive roster of clients who could take or leave me. Questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to reach out. I'd love to touch base and help in anyway that I can.

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